Artist Statement

I work with a range of media such as painting, drawing and photography. I aim for my work to be layered, both visually and conceptually, providing the potential to portray numerous narratives to the viewer, varying widely depending on their perspective, past experiences and background in life, and for the subject matter to be viewed in a wider context beyond the frame of the image.

My influences range from the theatrical depictions of the physical and emotional human state in Caravaggio’s paintings and the surreal dreamlike settings conjured up by Salvador Dali, to contemporary photographers such as Gregory Crewdson, known for his elaborately stage scenes of suburban American. Aesthetically, my art is also heavily influenced by cinema, in particular movies like Blade Runner, directors like Nolan and Tarantino, and cinematographers such as Lubezki, Richardson, and Pfister. Though, my greatest inspiration is everything I see, feel and experience throughout my life.

I predominantly work on commissioned paintings and drawings, with my own art practice currently being channeled through photography. I find myself exploring, documenting, and photographing the urban environment, particularly at night. The mysterious atmosphere and psychological mindset at night, and the symbolisation and implications of architecture, space and light are ideas that I find very interesting and attempt to convey using photography.