Would you like to create a unique, personal gift for a loved one, a family member, a friend or a treat for yourself? If so, I can create an artwork exclusively for you. All you need to do is provide an image or an idea for me to work with.

You can see some examples of the commissions I have done for other customers to the right which show the range of subjects and mediums I work with – from landscapes to portraits, oils to pencils, and colour to black and white. You can have a look at all of my previous commissions by clicking the following link – Blog Category: Commissions


I generally base my prices on three key factors:

  • Size:
    The size of the artwork.
  • Detail:
    The level of detail in the artwork.
  • Materials:
    The materials and equipment used in the artwork.

The following examples show estimated prices for a standard paper sizes. These prices should give you a rough idea of how much your potential commission would cost:

  • Example 1:
    An A4 sized portrait of one subject would cost around £200.
  • Example 2:
    An A4 sized portrait of two or more subjects or background detail would cost around £250.
  • Example 3:
    An A3 sized portrait of one subject would cost around £350.
  • Example 4:
    An A3 sized portrait of two or more subjects or background detail would cost around £400.

    And so on…

The above prices are rough estimates which should help give you an idea of how of much your commission will cost, and obviously you are not restricted to those particular sizes either. The prices in the examples can change depending on the following:

  • Detail:
    A low level of detail will lower the price, while a high level of detail will raise the price.
  • Medium:
    The medium, materials and equipment used to create the artwork. For example, paints are more expensive to use than pencils, and a canvas is more expensive to use than card or paper. 

When the above factors have been considered, I can give you a price. We will agree on a price before I do the artwork, this is much better than calculating prices by how many hours it took after the piece is completed. Once we have an agreed pricethen I will start the artwork.

If you are interested in commissioning me for a unique artwork, you contact me through my Contact Form. Please contact me as early as possible, especially if you have a deadline in mind, as my waiting list for commissions continues to grow.